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We take a consultative and open approach from start to finish.

Site & Plan Analysis

Concept discussion & budget

We take the time to understand your vision or to discuss your landscape architect's plan. We place focus on the strength of the design and then start to look at various early budget options that will meet your requirements.


Site & plan analysis

Every site is different and needs to be properly evaluated to ensure there are no hidden surprises for either party. We like to delve down into the details of plans to enable us to have a clear understanding of the scope of works required.


Site & Plan Analysis

Specialist requirements or improvement suggestions

Post undertaking the site and plan analysis we take the time to closely review the works and determine if any specialist requirements are needed or if there might be some clever improvements that can elevate your landscape further or even save some money.


Scope of works timeline

All landscape projects have a sequence in which they need to be built and we like to work with the client to ensure there is an understanding of timelines. We regularly have to coordinate with other trades on-site and it is important for both parties to understand these dynamics.


Site & Plan Analysis

Clear understanding of expectations

We always seek to exceed expectations, however having a clear understanding of what needs to be done and why and when by is important.


Agreed milestones & communication pathways

Great communication is critical to a successful outcome. We want and seek your input and likewise commit to providing regular, timely and honest feedback. We will discuss and agree upon key milestones to reach so you have confidence that your landscape project is always on target with Greensticks.


Site & Plan Analysis

Delivery of project on time & budget

We pride ourselves on finishing projects on time and on budget with no surprises. We have a strong follow up process to ensure your satisfaction with a fantastic finished landscape to be proud of.